Indiana State Police conclude investigation of THPD officer

According to the Indiana State Police Department their investigation into the possible criminal conduct of Terre Haute Police Officer Trevor Singer has been completed. In early August it was reported that a complaint filed against Singer was sent to the ISP for investigation.

That investigation took over two months and has now been sent to the Vigo County Prosecutors office for further review. Singer had been placed on leave pending the investigations completion. It is not known whether or not he has resumed regular duties.

Speculation continues to grow about the possible content of the complaint and investigation, but so far, the ISP, THPD, and prosecutors’ office have not released any details. A public records request has been submitted for the state police report.

This case does put pressure on current Vigo County prosecutor Terry Modesitt who is facing an upcoming election in less than a month. Terre Haute Vice News will continue to report on this story as new information emerges.



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