West Vigo High School students share racist TikTok video.

Terre Haute Vice News is covering a story that is developing in West Terre Haute. According to initial reports several student athletes have been involved in the creation and distribution of pictures and videos containing racist content.

One photo has been edited to make it appear that a Black student at West Vigo is picking cotton in a field while a White student’s grandfather has been photoshopped into the image watching. A TikTok video was also shared of a White student spelling and then using a racial expletive.

Family members of the students involved have posted on Facebook about the events, some condemning the actions of the students and some defending them as kids whose brains are not fully developed.

In one of these posts the mother of a student involved admits her son urinated in the locker of a Black student, but claims it was only in retaliation for a prank. It has been reported that the administration of West Vigo is aware of the incident and Terre Haute Vice News has reached out for comment.

This story is still developing and Terre Haute Vice News will post updates as they are received.


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