Superintendent sends email letter to families acknowledging racist incident.

Almost two weeks ago a family member of a Black student at West Vigo High School posted a photo and video containing racist content that had been shared by several student athletes. Tonight VCSC superintendent Dr Rob Haworth has sent out an email letter acknowledging the incident.

In the letter Haworth describes the history of Black students transferring out of West Vigo High School due to racial harassment. He then states that the school corporation has brought in “outside investigators to conduct a comprehensive, school-wide investigation into multiple claims.”

According to the letter investigators should finish their work in the next few days and provide the superintendent and the board with a full report. Haworth ends the letter by assuring families that the “Vigo County School Corporation strongly condemns any racial harassment, bullying, and discrimination.”

Ryan Easton, principal at West Vigo High School, responded to requests for comment by emailing that the requests have been sent to “administration.” At this time it is still not known when school administrators became aware of the photo and video, what discipline was assigned to the students involved, and who the outside investigators are.

Just over two months ago, two students at Terrebonne High School in Houma, Louisiana were arrested on charges of cyber bullying after a video was released with students using racial expletives. In a statement from the school’s superintendent he is quoted, “This type of behavior … will never be tolerated by our School System and has been immediately addressed by … proper authorities.”



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