Many speak out against racism at school board meeting.

A large crowd attended this evening’s Vigo County School Board meeting to express concerns about racism in local schools. After a short period of regularly scheduled business the school board meeting allowed a period of public comment to nearly a dozen speakers.

Every speaker expressed concerns over racism and bullying in local schools. Peggy Joyner, the aunt of a young man who has been the target of recent harassment, spoke about her experience with racism in elementary school and her gratitude for the strong and swift response of her principal at the time Dr Rudolf “Rudy” Jacobsen.

Several communities leaders also shared their disappointment that our community is still fighting these battles. Reverend Terry Clark was visibly shaken as he told the school board that we should not still be dealing with problems he faced as a child.

After public comment Vigo County superintendent Dr Rob Haworth made a bold statement declaring that actions speak louder than words and he encouraged the community to watch the school corporations actions in the next two weeks.

Those actions may have already been set in motion as local attorney Joe Etling could be seen appearing to exit a closed executive session of school corporation executives including Dr Haworth and VCSC director of Human Resources Michael Cox.



One response to “Many speak out against racism at school board meeting.”

  1. It’s a shame that in 2022 leading into 2023 we still are dealing with Racism . We are not born racist it’s a learned
    behavior. God Loves us all no matter what our skin color
    This needs to be dealt with quickly so this won’t happen again.


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