Evidence suggests Vigo County Deputy may have caused fatal accident.

Terre Haute Vice News has uncovered details about a motor vehicle accident that occurred two years ago in southern Vigo County. According to eye witness testimony and vehicular data, Vigo County Sheriff Deputy George McAdams pulled his cruiser in front of a motorcycle driven by Jack Beegle resulting in a fatal accident.

According to the Indiana State Police incident report, on the evening of April 28th, Indiana State trooper Colton Maynor was parked in the entrance of the Vigo County fairgrounds when he, “observed a black motorcycle with two passengers traveling south bound at an extremely high rate of speed.”

Trooper Maynor initiated a pursuit but only followed Beegle for less than a mile before ending the chase due to the motorcycle’s high rate of speed, reckless driving behavior, and threat to public safety. Beegle continued south on US Highway 41 towards the Carlisle Street intersection.

Deputy McAdams was at the intersection responding to a call when he learned about Beegle’s location. In a statement from Deputy McAdams, he claimed to swerve into the passing lane to get traffic moving. Seconds before the collision, however, data collected from McAdam’s SUV showed that he accelerated at 100% and turned into the path of the motorcycle.

Beegle struck the back of McAdam’s cruiser and was killed, his passenger survived but was air lifted to IU Methodist in Indianapolis with traumatic injuries. The Indiana State Police Department was called in to investigate the accident.

In the course of that investigation, troopers interviewed witnesses and conducted an extensive reconstruction of the crash site. At least four witnesses saw deputy McAdams accelerate and swerve in front of the motorcycle.

One witness stated, “he (deputy McAdams) just switched (lanes) way too early and he hit their bike like it was actually his fault and he knew it.” Another described it this way, “the deputy pulled out really fast…the motorcycle didn’t have any time to stop…he pulled out of the left turning lane into the left lane…to pull in front of the motorcycle.”

According to the toxicology report administered by the Vigo County Coroner’s Office, Beegle’s blood alcohol content was .174g/100ml and he tested positive for Delta 9 THC.

The Indiana State Police sent the results of their investigation to the Vigo County Prosecutor’s office, and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Rob Roberts chose not to press charges. A public records request was filed for McAdams’ disciplinary record, which revealed no punishments were administered as a result of the accident.


3 responses to “Evidence suggests Vigo County Deputy may have caused fatal accident.”

  1. Wow another example of how Terre Haute leadership allows wrong doing and misconduct by officials and agencies put in place to serve the community to actual harm people of our community with out any consequences …while everyone else especially those that are not native to the area, homeless, low income, and African Americans get the book thrown at them in the Terre Haute judicial system… I just don’t get it


  2. Yes and if this guy who was drunk and high would have hit a van full of kids and killed one people would be complaining about how they didn’t do enough.

    Don’t drive your motorcycle drunk and high, what a concept.


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