Spencer police officer accused of stealing drugs from secured storage.

It has been widely reported that Spencer police officer James Bradley (Brad) Deckard has been arrested for stealing drugs from a secured storage container.

According to an Indiana State Police Department press release officer Deckard removed, “illegal narcotics and controlled substances from the DEA Drug Take Back Container stored within the Spencer Police Department.”

The press release also stated that a complaint was originally filed by the Owen County prosecutor’s office with the Indiana State Police. As a result of the ISP investigation Deckard has been charged with two felonies, official misconduct and theft.

Deckard has served 18 years in law enforcement, 10 months with the Spencer Police Department, and an unknown period of time with the Owen County and Greene County Sheriff’s departments.

Back in July of 2012, during his time as a Greene County deputy, he was shot in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence dispute. According to the Bloomington Herald Times, “An Owensburg man died and two Greene County deputies were injured after a sporadic 10-minute exchange of gunfire … near Owensburg.”

Deckard was booked into the Owen County jail early Friday morning and is currently out on bond.


4 responses to “Spencer police officer accused of stealing drugs from secured storage.”

  1. 18 years with the system and ready to bury him. I don’t know anything about anything except that people mess up. Good people. Bad people. All……


  2. I for one choose not to judge its a large possibility that after that officer was shot he could have easily became addicted to pain medication and had several reasons for not coming forward I am in no way saying thats what happen or that is an excuse for what he did but Judging someone is just wrong !


  3. It’s a rainy Sunday watchin the lions whippin up on da bears and something about this sniffs of strange brew.

    Wonder how extensive the Spencer PD’s stash was and if they had any primo?


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