Body camera footage released of man with a knife shot and killed by Evansville Police Department.

According to multiple reports from the Evansville Courier and Press a man named Mauricio Cisneros was shot and killed by an Evansville Police Officer. Body camera footage of that incident has been posted on the Courier and Press website.

The details of the incident are remarkably similar to the shooting of a Terre Haute resident named James Ready just two weeks earlier. Details of the Evansville incident were obtained through a 911 call, a Facebook live video shared by Cisneros, an Evansville Police Department press release, and body camera footage shared on the EPD Facebook page.

Courier and Press reporters Houston Harwood and Jon Webb wrote, “The incident began when Cisneros called 911. In the call obtained by the Courier & Press, dispatchers struggle to understand Cisneros, who speaks mostly in Spanish.”

The article goes on to explain that officers arrived at a house in the 1300 block of North Third Avenue at approximately 10:35 am in response to a welfare check. Body camera footage showed that the two officers on scene struggled to understand Cisneros and believed he might be having a schizophrenic episode.

In a Facebook live video shared by Cisneros he can be heard requesting an ambulance, and when questioned by one of the EPD officers about why he wanted an ambulance Cisneros replies, “because I’m scared right” and “you already have my medicine.”

According to the report one officer requested the use of less than lethal force and asked for Cisneros to drop the knife. Then, “Cisneros appears to stand up, and the second officer discharges his Taser – causing the man to yell in pain, shake violently, and move into the corner of the room.”

The body camera footage shows the two officers then move into the room with Cisneros and moments later shots are fired. Images of Cisneros being shot have been blurred, but officers can be heard asking the man to roll on his stomach so he can be handcuffed.

The article also states that, “The officer who fired the fatal shots will be placed on leave pending further investigation, the department said Friday evening. That’s standard EPD practice after a police shooting.”


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