8th District releases decision on Newman and Switzer complaints.

It was reported earlier this month that outgoing Vigo County Councilwoman Brenda Wilson had filed a formal complaint against Vigo County Clerk Brad Newman and Vigo County Commissioner Chris Switzer.

In that complaint Wilson claimed that Newman and Switzer had supported her Democratic opponent Nancy Allsup, something Wilson believed violated Republican party rules.

The Eighth District Committee of the Indiana Republican Party heard the complaint and testimony from those involved in a hearing at the Davies County Courthouse on December 15th.

The committee was supposed to announce it’s verdict that night, but decided to wait and notify participants by mail. Those results are in and the committee ruled that evidence provided by Wilson showed that Newman had violated Party rules.

According to the report Newman had publicly supported Wilson’s opponent multiple times. However, Newman had already resigned his precinct committee position, so the committee agreed to close the case without action.

The committee also decided that evidence provided by Wilson was “insufficient to prove any specific actions by Chris Switzer” that were in violation of party rules.

The committee did not rule that Newman or Switzer were “blameless.” Wilson has stated that she plans on appealing the committees decision regarding Switzer.


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