Indianapolis police shoot man parked in his grandparent’s driveway.

According to a statement published on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Facebook page, officers were sent to a home on N Oxford St around 4 am when the owner called to report a suspicious vehicle in her driveway.

When police reached the home the man appeared to be asleep. “Nearly three minutes after arriving, the officer knocked on the window and announced, ‘Police. Hands up.’ During the incident three officers discharged their service weapons…”

The IMPD officers are claiming there was a handgun in the drivers seat and that the man “moved his arm towards the officers.” It was also alleged that officers did not know whether the gun was in the man’s hand.

Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene and the victim was transported to Methodist Hospital where, at the time of this report, he is in stable condition.

The report stated that the homeowner did not know at the time that it was her grandson, because the vehicle he was driving was a rental car. Witnesses on the scene commented hearing the grandmother scream, “What have I done?”

The man is not in custody and body camera footage of the incident has not yet been released, but the body camera’s of multiple officers were activated during the shooting.


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