County election board refuses to hear citizen’s concern.

At the January 13th meeting of the Vigo County Election Board members approved a vote center plan for the upcoming May 2nd municipal primary election.

Towards the end of the meeting, board president and democratic appointee John Kesler, refused to listen to concerns brought forward by Terre Haute resident Todd Boland.

Boland attended the meeting so that he could ask the board to take action on accusations made against him by Vigo County Clerk Brad Newman at a previous VCEB meeting.

At the February 16th, 2022 meeting Newman told the election board that the Vigo County prosecutor’s office was investigating complaints of intimidation and harassment against Boland.

Newman said he was “informed” of the allegations, that he had reported them to the prosecutor’s office, and that he could not go into detail because there was an “ongoing investigation.”

As previously reported, these accusations had also been printed and distributed by local attorney Kal Ellis at a Democratic party meeting. At this time it is not known who informed Newman of the accusations.


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