Over a million dollars a year distributed to local child care facilities.

For more than a decade a well known local non-profit has been quietly helping distribute over a million dollars a year to local child care providers through the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program.

According to the program’s director, Terri Hemminghouse, Chances and Services for Youth has been helping distribute the Department of Agriculture’s CACFP grant for 30 years.

When contacted, many providers praised the program explaining that the help covering food costs has enabled them stay in business and hire additional staff to care for their kids.

CASY partners with over a hundred child care providers in the Wabash Valley, and the approximately $1.4 million dollars they help distribute goes to reimburse these facilities for meals and snacks.

Hemminghouse described how during the pandemic CASY helped pack meals for low income families whose parents were either unemployed or working from home.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program is funded by the Department of Agriculture and administered by the Indiana Department of Education. Nationally the program claims to help over 4.2 million children.

There are several guidelines to be eligible for the program. Child care providers must be licensed or have an approved license exemption and meals served must meet the IDOE’s nutrition recommendations.



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