Pentagon unable to account for 61% of it’s $3.5 trillion in assets.

According to an article written by Connor Echols and published on the Reponsible Statecraft website, the Pentagon has failed it’s fifth consecutive audit. In the story Department of Defense comptroller, Mike McCord, is quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t say we failed.”

Echols goes on to share several recent examples of the DoD going over budget including this description of a recent miscalculation, “The Pentagon’s most famous recent boondoggle is the F-35 program, which has gone over its original budget by $165 billion to date.”

According to an article posted on the Defense One website, the Pentagon is hoping that automated bots might be able to help speed up the process and bring more transparency to the DoD’s budget.

These findings are even more concerning when we consider recent growth in military spending and the insistence by some, including Rich Lowry editor in chief of the National Review, that we need to increase military spending over $1 trillion dollars a year.



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