Local pathologist may have falsified education, work history, and autopsy reports.

[From left to right: Dr Roland Kohr, Dr Janie Meyers, Dr Bamidele Adeagbo]

It was recently reported that local pathologist Bamidele Adeagbo plead guilty to a Class A Misdemeanor, Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, related to an accident he was involved in back in May of 2020.

According to court documents, in that plea deal a Level 5 Felony, Causing Serious Bodily Injury when Operating a Motor Vehicle with an ACE of .08, and a Class C Misdemeanor, Operating a Vehicle with ACE to at Least .08 but Less than .15, were dismissed.

Special prosecutor John Meyers had been appointed by the State and William Smock represented Adeagbo, while Vigo Superior Court Division V judge Matthew Sheehan oversaw the case.

As a result of the reports associated with Adeagbo’s plea deal, many have raised concerns about the pathologists past. There seems to be questions surrounding Adeagbo’s education, employment history, and autopsy reports.

According to an in depth report conducted by KWCH FactFinder 12 out of Witchita Kansas, investigators discovered that the Federal Credentials Verification Service, “after several attempts, was unable to obtain the transcripts from Adeagbo’s medical school in Nigeria.”

The report also revealed that Adeagbo had listed working at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia on his applications in Kansas and in Terre Haute but when contacted the cancer center said he had not worked there at any time.

It was also discovered that concerns had previously surfaced about autopsy reports and testimony given by Adeagbo in Alberta, Canada and Bloomington, Indiana.

According to a report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Adeagbo’s testimony was called into question during a highly publicized trial where parents were being accused of neglecting their child.

That report stated, “During a retrial, the judge acquitted David and Collet Stephan, in part because of what the judge described as Adeagbo’s “garbled” and “incomprehensible” testimony.”

Adeagbo also does autopsy work for Monroe County, Indiana and according to an article posted on the website Crossroads Report questions have been raised about why Adeagbo listed Laryngitis as the cause of death for an otherwise healthy college student named Mia Roy who was found dead in her apartment.

Documents discovered in the course of this report appear to show that Adeagbo has been practicing medicine with a waiver he received from the Indiana Medical Licensing Board after failing the United States Medical Licensing Exam.



4 responses to “Local pathologist may have falsified education, work history, and autopsy reports.”

  1. Send him packing. Maybe he could be bayrock hussein obama’s guru. No wait, that’s George Soros. He could doctor VP Kamala that would be woke.


  2. Hope Biden doesn’t hear about this. This fake doctor will probably get appointed to some high ranking political office like Pete “take it in the rear” Buttegieg did.


  3. The corruption behind this guy goes so much deeper. An individual named Bobby Rai who exposed Adeagbo has gone missing without a Trace. Before Bobby went missing, he had received numerous calls from an individual claiming to be a police officer in the city of Calgary who wanted to meet up with Bobby to take him in for inciting an investigation into his credentials in Indiana and for working with the investigative reporters who did the expose on Adeagbo. The supposed police officer claimed it amounted to stalking an employee of “Alberta Justice”.


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