Report shows thirty percent increase in Terre Haute Police Department’s use of force.

According to a report released by the Terre Haute Police Department, incidents involving uses of force rose from 316 in 2021 to 413 in 2022, approximately a thirty percent increase.

Also included in the report were the total number of calls for service (45,638), the number of times tasers were used (138), K-9s were deployed (18), and firearms were drawn (158).

When the data was broken down by race it showed that of the 413 use of force incidents 328 involved white residents, 100 black, 4 hispanic, and 0 “other.” The report can be read in it’s entirety here.

Reflecting on the racial data was the following quote, “There was not a correlation…demonstrating excessive force…toward one specific demographic over another.” It is unclear, however, what metric was used to make this determination.

Several THPD officers are currently defendants in a civil lawsuit, claiming racial bias, filed by Jeremy Ross with the US District Court of Southern Indiana. Ross is claiming officers used excessive force during his arrest in March of 2020.

In documents filed with the court Ross writes, “…officers shot me six times…they drug me from the vehicle, they tazed me and choked me until I was unconcious…” Ross is asking that disciplinary action be taken against the officers, and $4 million in damages.

Counsel for the officers filed a motion for summary judgement on December 22nd, 2022, and magistrate judge Kendra Klump granted an extension for the attorney’s representing Ross to respond by February 6th, 2023.



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